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These cards are cool & tell you things about animals! Did you know a bird can run up to 65mph? And a cat can jump 26 feet in the air to catch prey? Animals are so cool.

Check out more animal facts There are so many facts to learn.

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Cats use their whiskers to determine space between objects in the dark.

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Some birds have membranes that cover their eyes like goggles, enabling them to see while traveling at high speeds.

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The cheetah is the only cat that can't retract its claws.

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Peregrine falcons can fly up to and sometimes surpassing 200mph as they hunt prey.

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List of things
  • Thing 1
  • Another thing
  • THE thing
  • Thingamabob
  • Thingles
Have you heard

There was a duck at a store.

He ate for free. I should have ordered him more expensive food!

The lesson here is DUCKS EAT FOR FREE at that restaurant.

Picture of some things
These guys are pretty coo'. Thing one and thing 2. You'll like what they do. Such fun from so few!